Many guests vote that great food and beverages could really make or break a fun night, especially if any of these guests consider themselves to be “foodies.” If you’re one to agree, then fantastic catering is most likely on your “must have” list for your wedding or event! Before you go shopping for the best caterer, you may want to start at the top of the necessity list and check out a few venues first. From there, it’s important to ask the right questions in terms of catering so you know the options you have to work with. Reviewing all your choices and responsibilities before choosing a venue can also be a helpful way to make an educated decision on what venue is right for you!

Not sure what to ask your venue when it comes to food and beverages?  We’ve come up with the top three things you need to review with your venue in order to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle perfectly into place!

What are my catering options?

Start from the very beginning, even if this seems like an obvious question to ask, make sure you know what your venue offers in terms of food and beverages. Whether your venue has in-house catering, or maybe better yet, if your venue has a list of caterers, ask around for reviews, stop in for dinner one night or see if you would be able to schedule a time to sample some of their cuisine. If your favorite caterer is not on their list, always ask your venue if it would be possible to bring them in for the day. Some venues are very open to the idea, as long as they are able to meet with your caterer of choice to review any paperwork and logistics for the event.

Is alcohol provided or is this venue BYOB?

Some venues might have packages that include options for an open bar or some may require you to bring your own. In the case of a BYOB venue, don’t panic. Instead, you could actually breathe a sigh of relief! BYOB means you can choose a very personalized selection of your favorite beer, wine and cocktails to serve at your event AND you can purchase it yourself, which would actually help you save a couple bucks in the long run. Some couples ask for alcohol as a shower gift or in lieu of a wishing well at their shower, or if your family and friends are aware of your plans, alcohol could also come in the form on birthday or holiday gifts!

Also, if your venue is BYOB, make sure to talk with your caterer to see if they have additional packages that include drinks and/or bartenders. Be sure to check with your venue on any licenses or certifications you would need to serve alcohol to your guests. The most common things you would need are a certificate of insurance and RAMP certified bartenders who can serve your guests.

What do I need to have ready for the caterer and/or bartenders?

Most of the time this is a question to ask your caterer, however it is never a bad idea to run it by your venue as well. If your caterer is on their preferred vendor list, chances are they will be able to guide you and help fulfill your responsibilities to your caterer, including having a bar, kitchen or food prep/staging area ready to go. Your venue and caterer will most likely get to know and work closely with one another to make sure you and the staff are well prepared, and your event runs smoothly!

Ready to get out there to start touring and talking to venues about catering? Start here and book your tour of The Room at 900 today at events@theroomat900.com!

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