With a variety of venues popping up all over the place and trendy themes to fuel your inspiration, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect ceremony and reception for your wedding. Trends such as rustic, industrial, modern or urban elegant have thrown couples into a whirlwind of ideas from Pinterest boards to social media and blogs. One wedding trend that actually decreases the stress around your event is having your ceremony and reception in the same location, so we’ve debunked why this idea is becoming popular and why couples and guests are enjoying this phenomenon.

  1. No Travel

One of the most universally stressful things for people is travel, even just across town. Forgetting something at the ceremony site, getting lost, hitting traffic, or getting in an accident are just some of the things that can go horribly wrong in transit. No travel also means that there is no need for the possible added costs of transportation between venues. Eliminating the travel between your ceremony and reception is one less thing you, and your guests, have to worry about!

  1. Continuous Celebration

Depending on the timeline of your day, when guests can enjoy the ceremony and mingle immediately after, there is no break to come down from the hype of your marriage. That means the energy levels won’t drop and that means your reception is more likely to be a lively celebration! Much like the first point, there is no reason for your guests to have to worry about getting back in their car or head to their overnight accommodations to kill some time. Family and friends can simply continue the celebration together immediately after the big hype, and head straight to cocktail hour!

  1. Less Confusion

Once you, your photographer and guests arrive at the ceremony they are there for the rest of the day. This is a fool proof way to lessen any confusion as to when and where the rest of the wedding festivities or photos will take place. Some couples display the day’s timeline in a central location near the ceremony or cocktail hour to eliminate the possibility of any mix-ups. And with everyone already at the venue, things can move along smoothly and have a much better chance of starting on time!

Waste no time on your big day, or the months leading up to it by coordinating with multiple venue managers. Let the stress roll off your back as you celebrate with family and friends in one perfect location!

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