From the ceremony to the food and drinks all the way to dancing and partying until the sun comes up, there are so many opportunities and ways to provide the ultimate guest experience at your wedding or event. Striving to give your guests positive and long-lasting memories of your big day can be just as important as making sure you love every second of your wedding too! So, we’re breaking down some of the main elements of a wedding to ensure you’ve got the right tools to impress your guests.


Making sure your ceremony is set up in a way that optimizes vision and audio for each guest to witness and hear those breathtaking moments and your first “I do’s” is key to a successful ceremony experience. But if you’re looking to go above and beyond your guests’ expectations of being able to see and hear, choosing chairs that are comfortable is always a plus! Ushers escorting guests to appropriate seats also add to the overall feel of your wedding by making your guests feel welcomed, wanted and important.


Although seating arrangements can be daunting and seemingly a trivial and just formal element to the day, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Making sure each guest feels comfortable with those around them, such as family or old friends can not only make the night enjoyable but possibly escalate their experience by being able to catch up, reminisce and relive memories with family and friends they don’t have the chance to see often.

Everyone wants to serve the best tasting food and drinks at their wedding, but sometimes the effort to please every guest can backfire. Above having the best food and drinks is making sure your guests are receiving their food and drinks quickly and easily! There is nothing worse than having hungry (or “hangry”) guests wait hours before sitting down to eat dinner. Communicating with your caterer and venue to ensure all details for dinner are hammered down is another huge key to a fantastic guest experience.


Interactive elements are becoming more and more popular as more and more hosts and couples want to give their guests the best experience. Photobooths, dessert stations, late night meals, party favors, etc. can all add an extra level of fun, entertainment and ways for your guests to continue making endless memories all night long.

Whether you’ve decided on a band, DJ, live acoustic music, etc. making sure your entertainment is top notch and can keep a crowd on their feet all night can be the glue that creates and holds together a perfect night. Ensuring your entertainment can hold the crowd, especially if they’ll be on the mic for much of the night, gives you the peace of mind you need to let loose as well!

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