From the huge and grand to the intimate and simple, we’ve seen it all! While some weddings can easily be mistaken for a Royal Wedding, a small celebration after a courthouse ceremony is just as meaningful and beautiful, trust us. Although we’re not dismissing the idea of a wild blow out with 350 friends and family members, (because nobody wants to miss that party!) we are shining some light on another perspective.

The small and intimate weddings sometimes offer more to newlyweds than we may believe. If quality over quantity means anything to you, read on!

More Room to Splurge

When setting the budget for your wedding, many couples go the “per head” route. In this case, cutting your guest list from 200 to 100 to 50 guests can decrease your budget by 75%! That leaves more room for you to splurge on your dream décor and those extra details that can turn your event from beautiful to breathtaking.

You Can Spend Quality Time with Guests

A small and intimate wedding lets you spend the entirety of your reception soaking in and appreciating the company of everyone. You don’t need your wedding to turn into a night of chasing down each guest to thank them for attending and then maybe have the time to squeeze in a short conversation. Instead, a short and sweet guest list offers you quality time with your guests to celebrate your marriage.

Shorter Timeline

Planning a wedding for smaller guest list can help make your job a breeze! Choosing the right menu and reserving rentals for a smaller crowd can give you an advantage over other couples and can cut down your planning time, or even waiting time. Let’s put this into perspective, isn’t it easier to organize a dinner out for you and your fiancé than for the two of you plus ten other friends?

Make It A Relaxed and Fun Day

We’ve all heard of, or even seen, that one couple who doesn’t even have time to eat dinner at their own wedding. You not only want time to eat dinner but also time to enjoy your wedding and all the things you’ve chosen to make your day truly special! A small and intimate wedding not only makes it a relaxed and fun celebration for you, but also for your guests who are able to mingle with all your favorite people, plus you!

Easier on The Stationary 

The trees will thank you for sending out a much smaller amount of shower invitations, save the dates, wedding invitations and “thank you” notes.  If you’re also looking to personalize each note with a hand-written message or signature, your hands will also thank you!

BONUS PRO! You can also save money by renting out smaller venues that are the perfect size for your intimate wedding but may not be able to accommodate a large crowd. Take a look, for instance at The Nook at 900!

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