The modern bride and groom are starting to make their own rules when it comes to their big day. In 2018, couples are looking for a variety of ways to set their wedding apart from all the others as well as add in their own unique personal touches. Weddings, currently, are becoming a time for you to share your own story and show who you are as a couple who will be continuing your lives together.

With getting married comes new traditions for spending holidays, birthdays, weekends and more! But creating new traditions, or even breaking away from traditions, might be starting sooner in marriages than you might expect.

The day you say, “I do” has many symbolic, meaningful and beautiful parts to it. But as times change and people develop their own beliefs and values, this one special day becomes more and more unique to each and every couple. We’re breaking the “rules” to weddings! Often, as wedding professionals, we get the question, “what or how are we supposed to do this?” The answer is simply however you want to! There are no more “rules” to how you want your wedding day to be or what you “should” do. Here are some of the most common wedding traditions that couples are opting out of more and more in 2018.

  1. Father Daughter/Mother Son Dances

This waning tradition is not necessarily something couples are opting out of because they don’t want their parents involved or recognized during their wedding, but more possibly because this isn’t a tradition that reflects their values or their family. Whether you’re a bride or groom with multiple father or mother figures, or these important people in your life are unable to attend your wedding, or you simply don’t feel this tradition is something that reflects you, altering this tradition or breaking away from it altogether is becoming more common to do. Remember that this is your wedding and no “rules” need apply.


  1. Wedding Party by Gender

A traditional bridal party is split by gender where women (the bridesmaids) stand next to the bride and the men (groomsmen) stand next to the groom. Traditionally, bridesmaids are escorted by groomsmen and therefore brides and grooms, traditionally have done their best to pick the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Nowadays, the meaning of having your best friends stand next to you on your big day could mean opting to mix up a few things regarding this tradition; for instance, having your best guy friends stand next to you, the bride, or having you best girl friends standing next to you, the groom.  Additional terms such as “bridesmen” and “groomsmaids” are starting to pop up in wedding vocabulary to break up the tradition of a wedding party by gender. As for attire, some “bridesmen” are opting for a suit or tie to match the bridesmaid’s dresses and some “groomsmaids” are choosing a dress that will best match the other groomsmen. When it comes to escorting one another down the aisle, a bridesmaid and “groomsmaid” or groomsman and “bridesman” will still walk down the aisle together but could simply opt out of walking arm in arm.


  1. Bouquet and Garter Toss
    1. A tried and true tradition of “fortune telling” is starting to fall by the wayside. As couples are opting out of traditions such as the “Chicken Dance,” “Dollar Dance,” etc. the bouquet toss, and garter toss are also making this list. These tossed traditions typically go hand in hand and those who catch the bouquet and garter do a little “dance” themselves, and the lucky lady who catches the bouquet is said to be the next to marry. But these tossed traditions, more and more, are getting tossed right out the door. Whether it be because guests are less enthused about these traditions as they once were or because guests may be too enthused and get a little too scandalous for the couple’s comfort, the most common, and in our opinion best reason for “tossing” this tradition is simply because the couple doesn’t find it fitting for their big day!

Wondering how else you can channel your inner “modern” bride or groom? Chat with us at events@theroomat900.com for endless possibilities to make your wedding the best representation of you!

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